waking dreams i had in winter (dead leaf version) (2023)


    Meditation with Greenplant EP (2020)



    Who is Greenplant?

    Greenplant is a project started by Greenplant, a sentient house plant, and its caretakers, Antoine Gallois and Conor Nickerson. In 2020, they released a series of meditational tracks with Meditation with Greenplant EP, and shortly after, their full-length eponymous album, Greenplant. In 2023, Greenplant released morning in the park, their second full length album, written by Conor Nickerson.

    More than a band, Greenplant is a reminder that we're all just plants in need of some love and a lot of water.


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    Greenplant speaks English, French, and via Volatile Organic Compounds

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